Sara Ramirez charity signed photo on EBAY until June 23rd

Signed Items on EBAY charity auction until June 23rd including:

Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy)
Nigella Lawson (chef)
Home and Away poster signed by 13 present and former cast members (inc Esther Anderson, Todd Lasance, and Jodi Gordon.)
Merlin season 1 Vol. 2 signed DVD (Katie McGrath, Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Angel Coulby.)
Aaron Pritchett signed Thankful CD - ONLY 99p!
Bonnie Wright (Ginny - Harry Potter)
Coldplay (band)
David Tennant (Doctor Who)
Christina Aguilera (singer)
Sir Ian McKellan (Gandalf - TLOTR)
Jude Law (Cold Mountain)
Daniel Craig (James Bond)
Roger Federer (Tennis)
Keira Knightley (Pirate's of the Caribbean)
Martin Sheen (The West Wing.)
Stephen Fry (QI)
Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City)
Sam Clark (Neighbours)
Jane Hall(Neighbours)
Pippa Black unsigned (Neighbours)
Natalie Blair unsigned (Neighbours)
Ben Shephard (GMTV)
John Partridge (Eastenders)
June Brown (Eastenders)
Alan Fletcher (RARE signed photo)

All profits from this auction are going to top quality biomedical research including a large share to the Whittemore Peterson Institute http://www.wpinstitute.org and ME Research UK http://www.meresearch.org.uk

Information and photos can be found on the WAMCARE blog here: http://wamcare.blogspot.com/2010/06/wamcare-auction-round-9-of-celebrity.html

The blog will be updated again with the next items due to be auctioned once this auction has finished. This is the last of the main auctions. The final auction will be for any unsold items as well as some unsigned items.

Information about the auction and how to use EBAY and Paypal can be found on the WAMCARE blog here: http://wamcare.blogspot.com/2010/02/wamcare-auction-of-celebrity-signed.html

Most of the celebrity signed items can be found on our newly updated website here

You can also find out more information about ME/CFS and why research is essential on our website.

The link EBAY shop is here: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/wamcare/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686

Please spread the word! Thank you!

Laura Dunks – President and fundraising of WAMCARE
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Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research (WAMCARE) auction of celebrity signed items

The time has come to begin WAMCARE’s auction of celebrity signed photos and memorabilia. I will make a post in a short while, letting you all know which items will be the first to be auctioned. All items will be auctioned on EBAY a few at a time, and posted with good quality packaging from the UK to wherever you live, postage rates will depend on where you are located, and the nature of the item. All profits will go straight to top quality research into ME/CFS.

At the moment, our website is full and yet we still have many more quality items to auction. Therefore stay tuned for updates which will be added over the next few weeks, including a cast poster of popular Australian soap Home and Away signed by most of the cast, kindly arranged for us by actress Esther Anderson who has been very supportive to the cause.

Items we have at the moment can be found on the auction page of our website, here: http://www.wamcare.org/auction.html you can also find out more about ME/CFS here and why research is essential.

Items include:

·         DVDs for part 1 and part 2 of Merlin Season One signed by the 4 main cast members.

·         A top worn by Vicky Entwhistle in Coronation Street.

·         A CD album signed by Katie Melua and 2 by Canadian country singer Aaron Pritchett (the latter yet to be added to the website.)

·         Photos signed by bands and singers, tv presenters, actors, celebrity chefs and sports stars amongst others. Including: Jude Law, Helen Mirren, Matt Lucas and David Walliams from Little Britain, Sir Ian McKellan, Susan Sarandon, Keira Knightley, Stephen Fry, Daniel Craig, Sara Ramirez, Dame Judi Dench, David Tennant and many more on our website, and others yet to be included.

·         Cast signed and non-signed cast fan cards from cast members of the soaps EastEnders and Neighbours.

·         Poster signed by Home and Away cast, yet to be added to our website.

Most items are hand signed, although there are a few autopens and pre-prints, which are indicated as such. Quality of photos varies from HQ pictures, to computer prints of various qualities. Quality of all items will be indicated on EBAY as well as on our website, included any damage which has occurred during transport from the celebrity to us. Photos are provided on our website, and higher quality photos will be used on EBAY. Letters from the agents have been included on the website if they were present.

We at WAMCARE wish to express our gratitude to all the celebrities and their agencies that have contributed to this charity fundraising auction. We have received personal, encouraging letters of support from many wonderful people, which will soon be available for viewing in the supporters section of our website. We are moved and grateful that these busy celebs and their agents took the time to write to us and send us such terrific items.  We would like to thank them on behalf of the millions of people affected by ME/CFS worldwide for helping make possible WAMCARE's continuing mission to improve the lives of everyone affected by this devastating illness.

Thank you for all your support! Please spread the word about our auction, so that we can raise as much money as possible for ME/CFS research!

Laura Dunks – President and fundraising

Michelle Martin – Vice President, merchandise, website and newsletter editor.


Sara's Silent Night for sale on Itunes and Amazon

Sara's version of "Silent Night" has been released for official purchase online on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers. Sara will donate all proceeds she gets from the purchases to the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation.

Although many of us may have already downloaded the song, let's show Sara how much we love and support her hard work. This is by far one of the best renditions of "Silent Night". Ever.

Spread the word, buy some great music, and support a wonderful cause.

Have a wonderful Holiday.

A Message from Sara!!

Hey Folks,
Last weekend was the community donation drive and it our efforts were greatly appreciated by Sara and the folks over at the foundation. I heard from Sara about it and just wanted to deliver the message, as well as info about the availability of "Silent Night".

"I am thrilled and so grateful for all you and the fans did with the donation drive. It is really touching and I know Al is looking down on us with a very full heart about all this. Oh! I also wanted to share with you that my version of "Silent Night" (recorded for and played on Grey's Anatomy--the "Holidaze" episode) is now on sale on iTunes, Amazon, and all other internet outlets. I will be taking the proceeds from it and donating it to the ADRLF. Please let the fans know in case they're interested. I realize a lot of people figure out a way to copy it without buying it, but if they know where the money is going I hope it will inspire folks to purchase it instead." Take care, Sara

Awesome, huh!!

I'll post a separate note about "Silent Night" but wanted to share this directly with you all. Thanks to everyone who participated in the donation drive. Our efforts did not go unnoticed. And if you did not get the chance to participate, consider purchasing "Silent Night" online.

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
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LAST DAY: Community Donation Drive

Today is the last day of the Sara Ramirez Fan Community Donation Drive to benefit the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation. Join us in supporting Sara's efforts in honoring her best friend's memory by supporting this wonderful cause.

Here’s what to do:
1) Go to the ADRLF website over the weekend of December 18-20 (THIS WEEKEND) and submit a donation. Feel free to donate as little or as much as you can.

2) Label your donation “Sara Ramirez fan community”

3) After you’ve submitted your donation, send me a note with your holiday message to Sara for the card via PM on my LJ page (username: iluvcallie).

Note: The moderators of this community have approved this community donation drive and the donations go directly to the foundation.

Let’s show Sara how much we love her while lending our support to this worthy cause.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!
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